icon-methodsCAP utilizes both conventional qualitative and quantitative research techniques, as well as proprietary techniques, to accomplish our research and consulting goals. Methodologies are always customized and appropriate to our clients’ research goals, timelines, and budgets.

While traditional research processes are a vital part of the services we offer, in many cases client issues require digging deeper and looking beyond those standard processes. CAP knows when something else is needed and has created innovative approaches that can be utilized. As appropriate we augment existing approaches to address the unique research and consulting requirements.

Overall, we have no bias toward any particular methodology because we have the skills and experience required to utilize all of them. CAP has :

  • Knowledge to determine what type of research approach is called for –  traditional or non-traditional
  • Creativity to select or design the research processes that address your unique needs, and the
  • Experience and expertise to apply the processes in a way that ensures accurate and usable information that can be translated into key insights.

We consistently seek to add value to our marketing research by not only focusing on the specific engagement deliverables, but also by thinking beyond. We utilize past and current learnings along with literature searches, talking through what-if scenarios as appropriate based on how the environment could change. CAP strives to deliver more value than expected, not just what the client asks for in the deliverable.