services1aCAP works on products and services at all stages of their respective life cycles: pre-launch, launch, growth, maturity, and decline. Our services encompass all areas of marketing and we utilize these services on behalf of a wide range of audiences

CAP conducts early and continuing market research to drive product development and market positioning.

  • Pre-launch exploration
  • Customer intelligence
  • Promotional materials/strategic communications
  • Branding
  • In-licensing/co-marketing

In the healthcare arena, CAP has breadth and depth of research experience in virtually all therapeutic areas and respondent types; from patient, caregiver/family and healthcare professionals. In non-pharma areas, CAP has been involved in C-suite, technological advances, delivery systems.

CAP staffs every study with a company principal and a senior researcher. This allows for greater depth of thought on studies, as well as more rapid turn-around time. With rare exceptions, all senior researchers utilized on research studies have a minimum of 10 years industry experience and educationally are at master’s level or beyond.

CAP also has an on-site global logistics director as well as its own recruiters who embrace hard work and push every angle of investigation, as well as utilize existing strong relationships that have been built through the years. CAP has never failed at recruitment. CAP has an authentic, mature approach that results in trust and willingness to help connect various relationships to find suitable candidates. When interacting with a potential respondent, recruiters use a high-touch, very personal approach that is characterized by understanding, humanity and dignity. There are no formulaic or “canned” approaches. As appropriate given the needs of any particular study, outside corporate recruiters are also utilized. CAP always recruits respondents in accordance to HIPPA guidelines.